Loan Products

The First Trust Financial team is comprised of experienced professionals poised to assess your individual needs and find the right solution that includes the best possible rates. We are proud to offer the following products:

  • FHA – Loans provided by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)- insured loans offer low down payments and closing costs, and have flexible credit requirements. FHA loans are great for first time buyers as well as those looking to convert a portion of their equity.
  • VA - VA helps Servicemembers, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses secure home financing. And the VA guarantees a portion of the loan granting favorable terms to the borrower.
  • Non-qualified mortgage – Non QM loans provide borrowers with an alternate means of financing. Non QM loans could be a great option for anyone with erratic income or other unique circumstances.
  • Fannie Mae – Fannie Mae is a government sponsored enterprise and is the top provider of mortgages in the country. Though Fannie Mae is not a loan originator, its government backing ensures housing affordability.